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Having the opportunity to compare the market leaders in mobile phone recycling is brought to you in on easy to use comparison tool. Therefore we have also took the chance to provide you with a few details about the mobile phone recyclers you can potentially use.

When recycling your mobile phone you may wish to know which mobile phone recyclers you are dealing with, therefore we have provided a small summary about each of the phone recycler that we deal with, and this enables them to let you know a little bit about themselves.

Cash In My Phone is a mobile phone recycling site which pays the public to send in their old mobiles. There are no hidden catches, even the postage is free and cheques are sent out within 7 working days.

Our affiliates with receive a commission for every transaction that is completed on our site via a valid WebGains link. We pay 2.50 for each transaction regardless of whether the customer is an existing one.

Users are simply asked to look up their old mobile phone on our site, see how much it is worth and then trade it in. We then send them a welcome pack that includes a freepost envelope. Once the phone is received they are tested and if they meet the terms and conditions users are paid.

There are over 80 million old mobile phones lying around in drawers and cupboards and many are thrown away when they could be worth up to 200.

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