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Having the opportunity to compare the market leaders in mobile phone recycling is brought to you in on easy to use comparison tool. Therefore we have also took the chance to provide you with a few details about the mobile phone recyclers you can potentially use.

When recycling your mobile phone you may wish to know which mobile phone recyclers you are dealing with, therefore we have provided a small summary about each of the phone recycler that we deal with, and this enables them to let you know a little bit about themselves.

Fonebank buys unwanted, used and old mobile phones from individuals and businesses for the best cash prices. In 2008 they paid out nearly 1 million to satisfied customers and in 2009 aim to pay out over 4 million. So, join thousands of satisfied customers and sell mobile phones for cash at lets customers sell their old mobile phones for cash through a simple, fast effective process.

We are part of one of the leading recyclers of old mobile phones in the UK collecting over 90,000 mobile phones each month with partners such as Oxfam, The National Trust and Wateraid.

Fonebank pay up to 265 for each mobile phone and payment is made within 2 days. Sell us your old mobile phones, help protect the environment and earn extra cash at the same time. So whether you are an individual, represent a company, organisation or charity Fonebank can help you raise revenue from your surplus mobile phones.

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