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Having the opportunity to compare the market leaders in mobile phone recycling is brought to you in on easy to use comparison tool. Therefore we have also took the chance to provide you with a few details about the mobile phone recyclers you can potentially use.

When recycling your mobile phone you may wish to know which mobile phone recyclers you are dealing with, therefore we have provided a small summary about each of the phone recycler that we deal with, and this enables them to let you know a little bit about themselves.

Go Pumpkin

Go Pumpkin offer a new and fresh look at the mobile phone recycling industry. We’re all about offering the best possible customer experience with our user-friendly website and highly competitive prices for unwanted mobiles.

Upon placement of your order on our easy-to-use website, Go Pumpkin will send you a pre-paid protective envelope for you to send us your phone. Once your order is received and checked, payment will be made within 2 business days!

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t have a complicated grading or pricing system for your old phone; we offer a “Working” or a “Non-working” price (see definitions) and promise to pay you exactly what you see provided your phone fits the description you give it via our site.

If you’re reading this, you’re already a team player looking to actively participate in ensuring a better future for our planet. And why not when you can line your pockets quite nicely with more than just a feel good factor!

At its heart, Go Pumpkin is about care for the environment and about greener initiatives. Our future is bright and we aim to be able to process more than just old mobile phones in the near future. The world simply doesn’t need harmful old electronics piling up in landfills sites all over the world, or more importantly, locally!

We view recycling as a way of life, we view it as one of the most important factors for sustainable development.

Thanks to our very close relationship with the very people and organisations that turn our waste back into usable electronics where they are needed in developing countries, or process it accordingly so that it can be safely disposed of, we are able to offer highly competitive prices. Combine excellent prices with years of experience in customer service and you get a pumpkin of a deal, weighty with value and tasty service you will remember.

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